Sustainable Production

The BROCCARDO winery has obtained SQNPI certification for its work towards integrated production.

The SQNPI system, applicable to all crop production, allows the use of integrated labels, using both the regional label and the SQNPI “Sustainable Quality” label on products. This is an agri-food production system that uses all means of production and agricultural defence to protect against adversity, and aims to minimise the use of synthetic chemical products and rationalise fertilisation, while respecting ecological, economic and toxicological principles.

In this way, the system ensures that the quality of the end product is higher than it is today.

Sustainable Packaging

Broccardo uses the FSC label for the packaging of its wine bottles. The label provides a guarantee that the product purchased is made of wood or paper from responsible sources.

Sustainable Energy

The winery uses no heating or cooling, thanks to the underground location of the labelling and bottling area.

Sustainable exchange

In the social sphere, the BROCCARDO winery is involved with professional associations in a continuous exchange of knowledge in the agri-food sector.