Bricco San Pietro

Bricco San Pietro

Together with the Bussia, Bricco San Pietro is the other “giant” of the western side of Monforte d’Alba.

It extends from the cool and steep side overlooking the Corsini, from the warm and humid side overlooking Settevie and Manzoni, up to the width of Tantesi and the gentle hills of Pansoglio, Cucchi and Viglioni.

Bricco San Pietro is the area of Monforte d’Alba that has undoubtedly seen the greatest ferment in terms of plants and new cellars.

The proposal of labels has gradually become more articulated allowing to better understand the value and character of this once almost unexplored area.

The Barolo from this area is generally deep, tarry, quite different from the more agile style of Barolo by Manzoni, the Cucchi and the Viglioni.

Bricco San Pietro
Monforte d'Alba
Surface Area
380 ha
From 250 to 520 mslm
Between south and south-west, passing through the south, in the best exposed vineyards; between west and north-west and between east and north-east for the remaining
The Broccardo vines present in our vineyard in Bricco San Pietro, the Martina vineyard, are Nebbiolo da Barolo, Barbera and Dolcetto d'Alba. The altitude of the Vigna Martina is 410 mslm